Our Fleet consists of 6 Aquaman Irrigation Branded Vehicles available to service your account with prompt, professionally trained service technicians.


Aquaman Irrigation provides the following services with our fully trained Service Technicians.


• Sprinkler System Maintenance

• Sprinkler System Design & Installation

• Sprinkler System Troubleshooting

• Landscape Lighting Design & Installation

• Landscape Low Voltage Lighting Troubleshooting

• Spring Startups

• Mid Season Service

• Fall System Winterizing

• Residential, Condominiums, Commercial (Large and Small) Irrigation System Specialists

• Service Contracts built to suit all of your irrigation requirements


We appreciate the opportunity to introduce our services to you and strive to ensure that your experience with our company proves only to uphold and strengthen the reputation we've worked so hard to build.


We currently have 6 trucks available to service your account with prompt, professionally trained Service Technicians and are committed to keeping customer satisfaction our #1 priority!


We offer a wide array of services to install, maintain, or improve your residential or commercial lawn sprinkler system, as well as the installation of landscape lighting. Services we can provide for your property include:


• Mapping of Your Complete Sprinkler System (with zone areas, amount and types of heads for faster, more efficient service)

• Spring Start-Up

• Mid-Summer Check

• Winterizing

• All Sprinkler-Related Repairs

• New System Installations

• Upgrade or Rezoning of Older Sprinkler Systems (all at once or in phases over several years)


We also provide complete landscape lighting services. Now that you have installed that beautiful landscape, patio or deck, let us show you how to enjoy it even after dark. We'll come out and set up a free demo for you with no obligation. Don't just guess what new landscape lighting can do for your home. Let us show you!


Contact us today for a free consultation or to schedule an appointment with one of our service technicians.




A professionally installed low-voltage lighting system requires regular maintenance. Fixtures can take abuse in the landscape from gardener’s shovels, obstructions from plant material, debris over well lights etc… also, bulbs will burn out. Proper maintenance of your outdoor lighting will certainly benefit you as the home owner and us as providers of outdoor lighting solutions.


Source of Referrals: If you have a well-maintained lighting job that looks good all of the time, clients are more inclined to give us referrals.


Happy Customers: Our clients will be satisfied knowing they’ve made a wise investment in their home by having a quality lighting system installed. Our customers may feel pride in have a custom lighting system maintained professionally, and will tell their neighbors.


What is delivered to the client?


A maintenance contract with Aquaman Irrigation will provide the following and more:

• Keep ground cover trimmed and pruned around fixtures. Making sure light is not obstructed.

• Clean lens on up lights with a special solution that will not dim or scratch the lighting surface.

• Clean out any well light fixtures that may have debris inside or around.

• Replace all lamps at one time, whether they need it or not. (On average lamp life is approximately 5000 hours, though this can vary with climate and type of lamp in use.

• Apply a coating of silicone-based grease on the gaskets and O-rings on fixtures. This prevents them from drying out and compromising the seal of the fixture.

• Spray sockets and back of lamps with di-electric grease. This greatly extends the life of your fixtures and lamps.