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Landscape Lighting; Practical, Seductive, Gorgeous


There’s nothing more frightening than hearing someone stumbling around your yard after dark – and landscape lighting helps shine some light on the issue, with lots of other added benefits. Creative, artistic, outdoor lighting has become a major trend in home improvement. Driving the trend is our desire for more outdoor time, which has created a surge in the popularity of patios, decks and outdoor kitchens… and landscape lighting extends your use of these spaces comfortably into the evening hours.


It’s been said that nothing adds more beautiful effects to your property than tasteful landscape lighting… in fact, it may well be the ultimate way to make your home distinctive, inviting and secure.


Landscape lighting not only creates a sensuous, inviting outdoor environment after dark, it also gives you…


Security and peace of mind

Improved safety on your property

Better curb appeal & higher home resale value

Your home will be the envy of your neighborhood…

Experience your home after dark in a whole new way.


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Landscape lighting brings homeowners a return on their landscape investment. We offer limitless choices of fixtures and designs that let you create the mood and atmosphere you want for your property.


You will gain extraordinary appreciation and find outdoor living enhanced by the luxurious and countless nuances of outdoor landscape lighting designed with that dramatic play between light and shadow.


Whether simple, with only a few fixtures, or more complex, with many different kinds of fixtures for different effects, low-voltage lighting systems can dramatically increase the appeal and use of your gardens and all your outdoor spaces.


Landscape lighting paints the beauty of natural and cultivated forms, a pool, fountains and pathways with subtle shade, shadow and color.


Typically all of our designed systems require five main components: transformers, cables, fixtures, lamps and control devices.


Landscapes emerge at dark under subtle lighting to create wonderful shapes in beautiful sculptured drama.


The light systems can be controlled manually and by a variety of other devices used separately or in combination.



Lighting Objectives


What is Professional Landscape Lighting?


Landscape lighting is an extension of the beauty that we see in the garden. It transforms what we see during the day to a dramatic, romantic, even mysterious scene. Life is brought to a landscape that would otherwise appear dark and dormant. Interesting branching patterns appear from the sculptures that only nature provides, along with the textures and colors of tree bark. Flowers come to life, as do enchanting garden pathways lit with soft pools of light. Walls are illuminated showing interesting textures. A fountain or statue in the heart of the garden becomes the focus of attention.


  • A garden can be an extension of the inside of your home. Patios and pools areas can now be used for entertaining, dining or relaxing at night
  • Safe passage through the landscape at night is a major benefit of lighting. Steps, abrupt changes in a path’s direction or elevation, and low branches can be illuminated
  • A well-lit landscape dissuades potential intruders from coming on your property and gives you as a homeowner a sense of safety and security
  • Arriving home at night, a homeowner is greeted by the welcome sight of his garden ahdn home. Light crates and ambiance, and it naturally gives a person a sense of well-being
  • You spend a substantial amount of money to landscape your property. Lighting affords you the opportunity to see a return on your investment both day and night


5 Basic Lighting Objectives:


Aesthetics: Beautification


By day the landscaping can be enjoyed and admired by all, but by night, a non-illuminated landscape will go dormant. You have made a substantial investment in the landscaping of your home and lighting will give life to the property as night falls. Focal points that blend in during daylight now stand out and are more visible. Textures not seen by day now stand out in eye-catching detail. Architectural features of your home can be lit at night, tying your home and landscape together for a resort-style feel.




Most homeowners travel to and from work and work all day long. This leaves very little time if any at all during daylight hours to enjoy their landscape. With more and more people now making the outside of their homes an extension of the inside, landscape lighting opens the door to the outside at night. Now back patios, pools, barbeques, and putting greens become entertainment venues or just a relaxing place to sit and enjoy. Landscape lighting not only brings your property to life but also allows you to use it at night.


Safety: Avoiding Injury


One of the primary functions of outdoor lighting is to provide sufficient lighting to hazard areas. When we speak of safety lighting, we are referring to the safety that is provided with proper illumination. Hazards such as steps, low-hanging or thorny vegetation, abrupt changes in path directions or toys on the walkway can now be avoided. Even though you may know your property like the back of their hands, visitors do not.




There are two major functions of lighting as it pertains to Security:


To persuade potential intruders to bypass your home: It is a proven fact that a well-lit home will deter home intrusions. Though no one can guarantee that a break-in will never occur, landscape lighting properly designed and installed makes a would-be intruder feel uncomfortable. How? By removing the dark areas and shadows that would conceal an intruder’s movement around your property.


To allow you or your neighbors to see and identify a potential intruder: This is achieved with strategically placed low-voltage lights that provide low levels of illumination evenly distributed around the property. While no passive lighting system can keep a determined intruder out, most criminals crave the anonymity of darkness.




Outdoor illumination adds value to your home. This comes in the form of an additional amenity that is useful in selling or appraising your home. More than the monetary aspects, lighting makes your home look better. Instead of dark featureless building at night, outdoor lighting illuminates features of your home and landscape, highlighting positive aspects of your property.


All of the things that are mentioned above have a combined net effect…. INCREASED PROPERTY VALUE!


You want to feel a sense of pride with your home… With landscape lighting, your home will be the envy of the block and you will have beauty in your home for life.